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The secret of a good textile assembly lies in the products being properly guided. Making guides and assembling are part of our brand DNA and represent the ancestral skills of the workshop teams. Today we have over 2,000 guides to make textile accessories of very high quality. This collection of guides enables our company to offer numerous different solutions and make a large number of textile projects. But our strength also lies in the ability of the teams to make guides to measure according to your needs.


Our workshops can assemble up to 10 elements.

To further embellish the production and assembly of the textile accessories, we also have considerable skills in product finishes. You can have fancy edging made with particular trims, embroideries and decorative stitching.

In a constant effort to remain reactive, our stock of machines (over 200 sewing machines) is designed to fill orders of any size.

Our expertise lies mainly in our production department’s excellent craftsmanship, precision and knowledge of the products and fabrics and their sewing skills, which make all the difference.