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Jabouley waistband & pocketing ®

Among the vital elements of any textile creation, waistbands are absolutely necessary. They are needed to guarantee that a pair of trousers will hang well and stay up, and must not be forgotten in the overall design of a garment. But a waistband is more than just the technical aspect; it should be matched to the fabric of the pockets and the rest of the garment to create a perfect harmony between all the elements.


How customers benefit from Jabouley Waistband & Pocketing ®

> With two collections a year, the Jabouley Waistband & Pocketing ® solution follows the fashion trends
> The solution that continues the expertise of a company with 50 years’ experience in designing waistbands
> A team of professionals by your side to give you advice and individual assistance

The advantages of Jabouley Waistband & Pocketing ®

> Fancy designs that can be fully personalised to the customer’s needs
> Delivery within 2 weeks on average
> Production that is guaranteed 100% French