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Our services

Adhering to the values conveyed every day by our company, our teams form the heart of the group’s business activity, contributing to its success and ensuring the long-term quality of the AJ Biais products. With four distinct business units, the AJ Biais teams form the basis of the company and work every day to forge its future.

The design team

Experience, creativity and perfectionism are the three watchwords that best describe the work and expertise of our design team. Always up-to-date with the current and future trends in the textile market, our designers and creators bring that je-ne-sais-quoi touch to all our products (textile accessories, bias binding, flat trim, pre-folded trim, piping, straps, braids, waistbands, etc.). With 5 solutions that meet the needs of all our customers (from the most specialised to the most generic), AJ Biais creations stand out from the prototypes to the final garment. Always au fait with the seasonal colours and trends and the new key fabrics, our design team each year creates two modern collections with illustrations.

The supply team

Finding the best suppliers and buying responsibly, while ensuring that stocks are always full and of high quality – these are the skills of our supply team. With a fine-tuned permanent quality control process, our company can offer excellent fashionable prints all year round.

The production teams

Making the bias, cutting, assembly, finishing and shipping, … all the production stages are managed by qualified professionals at AJ Biais. Divided into core businesses that work together, the AJ Biais production teams work every day on the various production sites in the group. With over 120 years of accumulated experience and more than 1,000 types of fabric in stock, we are one of the world leaders in the production of textile accessories and narrow textile trims.

The sales team

All the AJ Biais sales representatives are always on hand and fully geared to customer service. Their aim is to listen to the customers, understand their needs and help them at each stage in the sales process. All the representatives are specialists: they know the AJ Biais business activities and skills: all the solutions for ready-to-wear and textile accessories designed and made by our design teams. Speaking several languages and constantly on the lookout for new products and market trends in textiles, our marketing and sales teams are on hand to give advice on the business specificities and product strategies our customers want. By remaining in permanent contact with the other departments in the company, our sales teams can adapt the AJ Biais product range to the needs of our customers.