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Our values

AJ Biais is a family industry domiciled in the Loire area of France. We started out over 125 years ago, and throughout our history we have maintained strong values. These values convey the company’s expertise and the brand DNA for our customers. By tailoring our work to each customer, our solutions add a unique dimension and perfect finish to the products made. If we are today the leading textile accessory producer in Europe, it is thanks to our constant hard work and efforts to offer our customers only the best solutions and products.

The values convey the company’s DNA and show that the whole team is dedicated to professional work focusing on success and innovation for our customers and their projects.

Excellent products

When you choose AJ Biais products, you are sure to obtain the best textile accessories on the market and gain a head start over your competitors. We apply a holistic quality approach at all levels of the company, and we are the European benchmark in designing, developing and producing textile accessories for ready-to-wear, lingerie, household linen or haberdashery. We make a number of different types of textile accessories including bias binding, gathered and pleated trims, flat and pre-folded trims, piping, straps, braids, overstitching, ornaments, and embroidery.

Consistent performance

As we consistently endeavour to meet our customers’ needs, our production processes and our organisation are flexible and based on impeccable service. We can therefore respond quickly and efficiently to all our customers’ requests, and provide tailor-made solutions to order.

A permanent code of ethics

Among our strong values, integrity, transparency and dialogue maintain the trust of our customers. To foster close links, our project managers remain on hand at all times for our customers to answer their questions and provide the right solutions for their needs. We further our customers’ projects in total transparency by providing the best possible service.

Innovation at the heart of the business

We are able to provide all our customers with excellent products because of our daily work in R&D to supply the best, most effective solutions. These solutions have to meet the economic and technological constraints imposed by the customers, which is why we invest constantly to propose innovative work methods and remain at the cutting edge in the production of textile accessories for companies in ready-to-wear, household linen, lingerie, haberdashery and the textile industries.