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Our lab

Every day at AJ Biais we aim to meet all your needs and requests. We have 4 exclusive and innovative solutions so that all our customers and prospects can have access to a comprehensive variety of services and products ranging from the very simple to the much more elaborate.
At the same time, our teams can
meet specific demands that go beyond the usual production methods. Working on completely personalised products and working with you on one of your own projects is the aim of the AJ Biais Lab. This is an R&D centre where a project is woven from the initial idea to the completed product.

Our teams are here to help you with their expertise so that you can benefit from our recognised skills and knowledge.

You will have a permanent single contact in the company, who will mobilise all the departments needed for the success of your project.

Our Lab teams strive to build up a close relationship based on our core values with you, and take into consideration your specific business lines, so that we can meet all your requests for textile projects: accessories, gloves, garments, bias binding, piping, straps and more.

To analyse your needs in all their minute details and work out the various stages to complete your project, your AJ Biais contact will make out a full specifications sheet.

The schedule of completion stages is clearly defined right from the start of your collaboration with our Lab :

1 – Precise definition of your needs
2 – Setting up your product via a technical drawing
3 – Study and implementation of the necessary resources to suit your project
4 – Creation of a prototype in our workshops
5 – Mass production of your product