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Jabouley waistband & pocketing ®

Among the vital elements of any textile creation, waistbands are absolutely necessary. They are needed to guarantee that a pair of trousers will hang well and stay up, and must not be forgotten in the overall design of a garment. But a waistband is more than just the technical aspect; it should be matched to the fabric of the pockets and the rest of the garment to create a perfect harmony between all the elements.

A waistband can also be a decorative part of a pair of trousers, a dress or a skirt. And this is why we have developed a full range of waistband designs: Jabouley Waistband & Pocketing ®.



With 3 to 4 new models every month coming out of the AJ Biais design workshops, created by textile specialists, the waistband collection Jabouley Waistband and Pocketing ® does not merely follow fashion trends, it creates them. Our design teams are experts in the industry, with unparalleled skill handed down over the years.

The current trend is towards men’s and women’s sportswear collections, in a variety of printed motifs. In our recent ranges you will find polka dots, gingham, geometric shapes, flowers or abstract patterns and more. A series of designs that will give definite added value to your products.