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Discover our summer trends 2021

For the  summer 2021, we present you for each theme, some illustrations about the trends and also some of ours products in order to stimulate our creativity.


It is an exotic theme with strong Indian accents that invites you to daydream and travel. The range is composed of  several and soft colours, all in halftones (slightly whitely tones) enlivened with solar shades, from light vanilla yellow to bright golden yellow. The motifs are of Indian inspiration with palmettes, cashmere, landscapes, flowers and birds, engravings… Materials: Madras style woven fabrics in washed tones – Satin 09- Cotton 02 – Peach – Stretch taffeta 35 – Polycotton (4330, 18B) – Tulle 88.


It’s a nature theme in all its forms: Underwater seabed with aquatic blues and turquoises, coral orange and phosphorescent yellow.  Botanical universe with a palette of plant greens. Country atmosphere on a background of neutral tones (hemp, straw…) punctuated by sky blue, mimosa yellow or primrose pink. The motifs: watercoloured flowers, aquatic fauna and flora (fish, starfish, seaweed…), wildflowers, bees, small vegetables… Materials: Cotton (02 – 119), Peach, Polycotton (4330, 18B) Satin 09, Stretch 160, Iridescent, Transparent 86, Polyester Taffeta (SPES), Ecolin, Piqué 84.


In a holiday atmosphere, against a seaside backscape, evocation of simple pleasures (country festivals, family picnics, summer sports …). The range gives pride of place to bright primary colours (red, blue, green) surrounded by white, black, marine and/or accompanied by retro pastels (transat yellow, marshmallow pink, sky blue). The designs give priority to Riviera stripes, vichys, and a whole range of small figurative seaside items: boats, seagulls, sun umbrella , outdoor activities… as well as floral and fruit items… Materials : Jersey cotton 119 – Cotton 02 , Chambray 200, Piqué 84 , Peach, Polycotton (4330, 18B), Ottoman 06, Jean2, Minivichy 190.


Latin American atmosphere

Cocktail of lush colours between caffeinated browns (tonka bean, khaki , palm) and lively spicy and exotic. (Mexican red, pomegranate, panama purple, cinnamon, Rio yellow)  floral designs draws , tropical foliage, camouflage-like spots, tribal motifs surrounded by black. Materials: Cotton 02, Ecolin, Ottoman 06, Suede 4S , Dumbo, Satin 09, Cotton, Polycotton (4330, 18B).

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