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Collection winter 2020 -2021

For the winter of 2020-2021, we present you for each theme, some illustrations about the trends and also some of ours products in order to stimulate our creativity.


It is poetic and sensual evocation that emerges from this theme with several shapes and colors based on botanical scents. Through our card Eden, you will find piping and ruched trims coordinate with our news printed bias to sublimate a combishort. The idea is to play on colors and shapes, the Funny Grey card illustrates our will. In the Sensual Blue universe, iridescent illuminates the elastic tulle and the bluish braid is perfect for a corsetry strap.


Let us fly into a space and lunar universe; a very mineral and precious atmosphere is clearly expressed from this theme. Find our Ziggy band associated with our printed bias “Mica“. Bring relief and warmth to your products, thanks to our leather-like trims by adding a braid to your accessories: a sellier stitched band for a bag hand or a gold lace to enhance a clutch.



In a graphic look and a nature spirit, this theme is an invitation to explore new horizons between the Far North and Eastern European countries … Find our “polar” printed bias as well as our knitted braids to add a scandinavian and warm touch to your creations.



With creative vibrations, this Asian-sounding theme also brings a touch of 80s nostalgia. Fantastic, sparkling, he revisits the classics (naïve and floral motifs, leopard print …) by shades colorful, bordering on the neon. Find our jersey braids to energize a leotard and our eyelets band to highlight a bra. We mix and match the printed bias and the reworked florals into a manga version.

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