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For non-textile products (health care, automotive, infant care, saddlery, aeronautical and nautical industries), we make all of these designs in our Industry section.

In this branch of our business, our teams make trims for car upholstery and boat cushions, and adding reinforcement strips on orthopaedic products…

We apply the ESSENTIEL solution by AJ Biais, for simple and technological products (such as flat or pre-folded trim or piping, etc.). This solution combines quality with volume to meet the needs of our industrial customers who want to obtain the best results to enhance their creations. The textile products and accessories we make are sturdy and technical: they can adapt to a wide variety of situations and constraints, and are suitable for several activity sectors.

If a customer has a particular project that requires research and innovation, we can develop the ideal solution in our AJ Biais Lab to meet that specific need.