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Our Accessories family includes all the products in the market of non-clothing accessories. This corresponds to the design and production of gloves, belts and shoes, as well as advertising objects and more.

To embellish and add a particular finish to an accessory, our Accessories division gives personal advice to each customer. We make piping or ready-to-apply flat trims that will allow our customers to give the character they want to all their creations.

For advertising professionals, we provide a series of trims for kakemonos, pennants and tapes for finishing packaging, which we make to order.

The ESSENTIAL solution by AJ Biais is a series of simple products made from high quality raw materials or directly with our customers’ fabrics. In this way we can provide the best products at any time.

The IMPULSION solution by AJ Biais meets the need for more complex products. Whether you want to add a perforated strip to finish off a shoe or to incorporate an imitation leather braid to make a bag strap, Impulsion by AJ Biais ® adds a unique dimension to accessories.

At AJ Biais, we examine all your projects. Thanks to the unique skills of our sales, design and production teams, we can cater for all needs, tailored to your requests and with any fabric (the ones we integrate or those requested by the customers). At AJ Biais, everything is possible to obtain a quality finish corresponding to our customers’ needs.